Frequently asked questions

What is an iPost Sports Profile?

An athletic resume that is updated using the features available on the IPost Sports Mobile App.

How do I sign up for the iPost Sports Profile?

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play and Apple app store. Tap on Sign Up. You can also sign up via the www.ipostsports.net or www.ipostsports.com web sites, create your profile and download the app and sign in.

What is the iPostsports TV waiver?

Once you sign up you can choose to have highlight videos played on TV screens located at affiliate locations and venues. If you approve the waiver, you can select video highlights to be considered.

What are the benefits of an iPost Sports Profile?

You will be able to share your profile with friends and family, coaches and trainers. Your profile stays with you and has great value when competing for college scholarships.

Selecting Parent Sign Up versus Athlete Sign Up?

For athletes who are 13 years of age or younger, a parent must sign up, provide their information, the athlete’s information and the method of payment. Athletes 14 years of age or older can sign up without entering the parent information.

What information is entered when signing up for a membership?

Standard contact information. Specific athletic information that is used to create a base athletic profile.

How do the features work?

Each feature can be referenced in the explainer videos on the ipostsports.com web site.

What is an affiliate training center/location?

A facility where the athlete primarily visits to work on their skills. This can be a batting cage or a team training facility.

How often does my profile get updated?

Each year or season you should update the physical attributes and team data. Otherwise anytime use record video or enter stats, the profile is automatically updated with game and training content.

What features are available to update a profile?

Game stats, highlight videos, spray charts are standard features used to capture game performance.

What are the best situations to update the profile?

During a game, after a game, training and any off season workouts.

Can my profile be used for The Hitting League tournaments?

Yes. Using the Cage Cam features under EYE POST, you can capture video from cameras in the affiliate training centers.

Who uses the features at a game?

Parents or friends that attend a game can sign in to the athletes account and upload videos and game results.

Can a member sign up consist of multiple athlete profiles for a family?

Yes. After completing the sign up for a single athlete, you can select "Add Athlete" to your membership. Each athlete can also have a different membership level.

How do I see added members?

Once multiple athletes are created, you can swipe on the profile picture to change athletes. This also allows you to maintain and select the view for multiple athletes by swiping between athletes.

If I lose my phone, do I need to rebuild my athlete’s profile?

No. Since this is a cloud based system, you can just download the app on another device and access your member profiles.

How can I modify or change capabilities that are not available to change online?

To modify or change your profile, you can call us at 866-564-7678 or email members@ipostsports.com.