What is the Brand Ambassador Program?

This is a new program for the company. It is intended to assist in development of the company in numerous ways. There is an inclusive culture in much (but not all) of what we do. We hope to have a variety of ambassadors in sports, media, finance, technology and other special expertise. We value all of it and we hope you enjoy joining us on the journey.

The relationship between the Ambassador and the industry can bring value to iPost Sports. The purpose of building the program is to acknowledge the value and to reciprocate in every way possible to make it a mutually prosperous relationship. This is not an employment agreement nor is it a committed contract. It is intended to provide a roadmap of participation for those who are in a position and have interest in service in an advisory and generate good will in the communities in which iPost Sports serves.

The structure of the ambassador program is not an agency although it can lead to an agency relationship if it is deemed that that is appropriate for both parties. It is a best effort on behalf of the individual who has something to contribute.

Would you like to become a Brand Ambassador?

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iPost Sports is a private capital company. We are pleased to do business with investors who are in position to provide strategic contributions. If you fall into this category, we are happy to speak with you. Please fill out the form below and select “Investor Relations” from the drop down menu. Someone from our investor relations team will be in contact.

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